Criminal Law Firm Barcelona - Sagué Abogados
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In criminal matters, the choice of law firm is paramount, and can make the difference between losing your freedom or not.

Our office

SAGUÉ ABOGADOS PENALISTAS was born with the enormous illusion of bringing a dose of modernity, dynamism and efficiency to the practice of law. We believe that understanding and being aware of the keys that drive the reality of today’s world makes us better professionals.

Therefore, we practice our profession from a practical, dynamic and decisive perspective, which adapts to the constant social changes and integrates the best tools to provide a continuous and quality service.

“Commitment, Accessibility and Humility are aptitudes fully compatible with those of Excellence, Professionalism and Success.”

We are committed to a unique, exclusive and highly specialized model in Criminal Law. The criminal law firm of SAGUÉ ABOGADOS PENALISTAS is formed by a team with extensive and recognized professional experience in the field of criminal law, vocational lawyers who have agreed to achieve maximum excellence in each and every one of the procedures assigned to them.

Our specialized dedication allows us to offer a highly qualified legal service, making us a criminal law firm of reference, both for our clients and for law firms that do not have a criminal department.

Therefore, and in order to dedicate all our efforts to the resolution of the matters, it is essential to maintain a direct communication between Client and Lawyer, without the use of incomprehensible technicalities, nor the application of surprising or disproportionate fees. To this end, we guarantee our clients personalized attention, updated information on the course of their case, as well as full availability to resolve any doubts related to their case.

What sets us apart?

Exclusive dedication to criminal law

At present, the criminal jurisdiction continues to invade spaces and areas of protection that had traditionally been reserved for other jurisdictions. As a result, criminal law has become a complex discipline that requires not only a multidisciplinary vision of law, but also a highly specialized vision of criminal law. In this sense, our firm is characterized for being a law firm with exclusive dedication to Criminal Law, but which, at the same time, starts from a global perspective of each and every one of the other Jurisdictional orders.

2. 24-hour customer service

Our only interest is the Client’s satisfaction and the success of their interests, therefore, we have a 24-hour emergency service that allows us to advise the Client at any time of the day, any day of the week. It should be taken into account that, in the field of criminal law, the time and quality of the first proceedings are vital and totally decisive in the development of the judicial procedure. Good criminal defense starts from day one.

3. Clear and transparent fee policy

We apply a criterion of absolute transparency when setting fees. These fees are negotiated in advance with the client through the drafting of an estimate and an order form. The agreed fees are closed, with all expenses included and with the offer of multiple alternatives to find the payment method that best suits the Client’s situation.

4. Continuous and personalized service

We offer an efficient, continuous and personalized service, without intermediaries, which guarantees a relationship of trust with the Client, essential to know their needs and interests and thus determine the best legal strategy to follow.



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