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Penitentiary Law

In the field of Penitentiary Law, SAGUÉ ABOGADOS PENALISTAS offers comprehensive advice and active intervention before the Penitentiary Administration, as well as before the corresponding Penitentiary Surveillance Courts throughout the national territory.


The main services of the firm are:

  • Advice on the legal possibilities in the face of a custodial sentence in order to avoid a custodial sentence.

  • Preparation for admission to the corresponding penitentiary center.

  • Follow-up of the penitentiary file from the beginning of the sentence until the final discharge of the sentence.

  • Specific services related to the treatment area to those persons who are already inmates in a penitentiary center, such as:

    • Processing of exit permits.
    • Transfer Management.
    • Presentation of Resources.
    • Any type of legal assistance before the Penitentiary Administration or Penitentiary Centers.
    • Prison Classification Management.
    • Processing of Third Degree Prison and Parole.
  • Information to the family about everything related to the sentence and its enforcement.

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