Influencer haters, are they reportable? - Sagué Abogados penalistas
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Influencer haters, are they reportable?

Influencer haters, are they reportable?

The rise of social networks and the apparent anonymity provided by the Internet has led to the appearance of influencer haterspeople who dedicate their time to belittle, insult, threaten and publicly humiliate those people with the ability to influence who have turned their lifestyle into their profession by publishing content on social networks on a daily basis.

In order to assess whether certain comments are reportable, we must first distinguish whether they are a simple negative opinion, a mere constructive criticism with no criminal relevance, or whether it is a commentary aimed at disqualifying and repeatedly offending the person concerned in order to harm his or her reputation, dignity and physical or moral integrity.

In the latter case, the first step is to respond in writing to the hater indicating that we did not like his comment and that he should cease his behavior. In this way, when we file the appropriate complaint, we will be able to prove that we have rejected this behavior and, even so, that person has continued with the harassment.

In the event that the hater continues to post comments on our profile, we recommend that you do not reply to him/her again, as this would fuel his/her behavior.

The judge will assess the criminal significance of the reported conduct based on the context, typology, impact, dissemination and scope of the reported comments, since logically, the more people who may have had access to the comment, the more emotional and reputational damage it may have caused to the affected influencer.

In any case, it is highly recommended to collect all the information, certify it with an expert, receive psychological support and identify any change in habits that such comments may have generated in the affected person; all this will be useful evidence that will demonstrate the seriousness of the conduct carried out by the person concerned. hater.

Finally, it is important to remember that it is increasingly easy to locate the person behind an anonymous profile.Nowadays, with the IP address and other data that are automatically recorded, the origin and authorship of any comment, e-mail or photograph that has been published can be found through the corresponding police investigation, so the anonymity of the profile does not have to generate any fear when it comes to filing the corresponding complaint.