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Criminal Liability of Minors

The criminal law does not only affect adults, but also covers alleged criminal acts involving persons over 14 years of age.


The minor’s counsel participates in each and every phase of the process, knowing at all times the contents of the file, being able to propose evidence and intervening in all acts that refer to the assessment of the minor’s interest and the execution of the measure, of which he may request the modification.


At SAGUÉ ABOGADOS PENALISTAS we are specialized in handling criminal proceedings in which the defendant is a minor, both in the position of the defense and the prosecution.


Our performance covers the entire procedure, from the arrest of the minor, to the request for modification of measures imposed in the sentence.


Our most common inquiries:

  • What rights and obligations does a detained minor have?

  • What does it mean that a Preliminary Proceeding has been initiated by the Prosecutor’s Office?

  • What is the role of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in juvenile proceedings?

  • Is out-of-court mediation and conciliation possible in juvenile proceedings?

  • Is there a time limit for placement in a Juvenile Detention Center?

  • Is it possible to review and modify the measures imposed in the Judgment?

  • What does Probation consist of?

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