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Criminal Law

In SAGUÉ CRIMINAL LAWYERS we represent the interests of our clients at any stage of the criminal process (preliminary investigation, oral trial, appeal, cassation, etc.) and before any jurisdictional body (Preliminary Courts, Criminal Courts, Provincial Courts, High Courts of Justice, Supreme Court or Constitutional Court), both in the position of the defense and the prosecution.


Without pretending to be an exhaustive list, the Firm acts in all the crimes contemplated in our Spanish Criminal Code:

Crimes against life and physical and moral integrity

  • Murder, intentional and reckless homicide, abortion, injury and torture

Crimes against freedom

  • Illegal arrests, kidnappings, threats and coercion

Crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity

  • Assaults, abuse and sexual harassment
  • Crimes related to prostitution and corruption of minors

Crimes against privacy, the right to one’s own image and the inviolability of the home

  • Discovery and disclosure of secrets and housebreaking

Crimes against honor

  • Slander and libel

Crimes against family rights and duties

  • Child abduction and family abandonment
  • Non-payment of alimony

Crimes against property and against the socio-economic order

  • Theft, robbery, usurpation, misappropriation, fraud, punishable insolvency, alteration of prices in public tenders and auctions and criminal damage.

Crimes related to intellectual and industrial property, the market and consumers

Corporate crimes

  • Unfair administration, accounting misrepresentations, abuse of majorities and imposition of harmful agreements, denial of the right to information, etc.

Receipt and money laundering offenses

Tax and Social Security Offenses

  • Tax crime, subsidy fraud and social security fraud

Crimes against workers’ rights

  • Illegal labor trafficking, imposition of abusive working conditions and violation of occupational risk prevention (occupational accidents).

Crimes related to land use and urban planning, protection of historical heritage and the environment

  • Illegal constructions, unlicensed buildings, dumping and polluting emissions

Crimes against public health

  • Expedition and dispatch of deteriorated or expired medicines, alteration in the manufacture of medicines, food adulteration, etc.
  • Cultivation, processing or trafficking of narcotic substances

Crimes against road safety

  • Reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or intoxicating substances, driving without a license or permit and refusal to submit to breathalyzer tests.


  • Counterfeiting of currency, credit cards and stamped bills of exchange
  • Forgery of public, official, commercial and private documents.

Crimes against Public Administration

  • Prevarication of public officials
  • Omission of the duty to prosecute crimes
  • Denial of assistance
  • Bribery, influence peddling, embezzlement of public funds, frauds and illegal exactions
  • Negotiations and activities forbidden to public officials

Crimes against the Administration of Justice

  • Judicial malfeasance
  • Omission of the duty to prevent crimes
  • Arbitrary realization of one’s own right
  • Accusation and false accusation
  • False testimony
  • Obstruction of justice and professional disloyalty
  • Breach of sentence

Crimes related to the exercise of Fundamental Rights and public liberties

Crimes against public order

  • Attempts against the authority, its agents and public officials, resistance and disobedience.
  • Public disorder
  • Illegal possession of weapons

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