24-hour assistance to detainees - Sagué Abogados penalistas
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24hs Assistance to the Detainee

Is your case urgent?

  • Have you been reported and do not know how to act?

  • Has a family member or friend been arrested and urgently needs a criminal defense lawyer?

  • Do you have a speedy trial and no criminal defense lawyer to refer you to?

  • Do you have to testify as a witness and need legal advice?

  • Do you have a lineup and need a criminal defense attorney?



A criminal emergency arises in those situations where immediate attention is required, either as a victim or as a witness to the alleged commission of a crime.

At that moment, you need immediate advice to know each and every one of your rights, as well as to know the best way to act in any circumstance, avoiding to incur in actions that may produce irreversible consequences.


At SAGUÉ ABOGADOS PENALISTAS we have a “24h Emergency Lawyers” service so that a lawyer specialized in Criminal Law is always available to assist you.


It should be taken into account that in the field of Criminal Law, the time and quality of the first proceedings are vital and totally determinant in the development of the judicial procedure. Good criminal defense starts from day one.


Call us immediately and without obligation at 603 042 803 and our on-call lawyers service for emergencies 24 hours a day will assist you and advise you immediately.

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